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[EQ] Health Metrics Network - Tools to support Countries Applying to Global Fund Round 8

Tools to Support Countries Applying to Global Fund Round 8

The Health Metrics Network – WHO - 2008


This collection of documents is offered as a support to countries planning to apply for funding from the Global Fund to strengthen their national health information systems. Please note that the proposal forms for application to the Global Fund can be found at

:: Guidance on Recommended Indicators [pdf 162kb]
The purpose of this guidance note is to provide countries with information to consider in preparing Global Fund proposals to strengthen country health information systems under a renewed focus on Health Systems Strengthening. This guidance focuses on countries that have utilized the Health Metrics Network (HMN) Health Information Systems (HIS) Assessment tool to identify strengths and gaps in their national health information systems. Countries that have already completed a strategic plan that relied on the HMN assessment are especially at an advantage.

:: Recommended Indicators for Health Information Systems Strengthening: Global Fund Round 8 Guide [pdf 292kb]
Recommended Indicators, Activities, Sub-activities and Inputs to Guide Country, National Health Information Systems Strengthening: Global Fund Round 8 Applications in Relation to Health Systems Strengthening

:: Perspective on a Good Proposal [pdf 90kb]
This is a short brief on a collection of suggested "dos" and "don'ts" in preparing proposals. They are very relevant to preparing HIS proposals.

HMN Toolbox

:: HMN HIS Tools to Support Countries Applying to Global Fund Round 8

The Health Metrics Network Framework - Updated January 2008

:: HMN Framework, Second Edition [pdf 1.97Mb]

:: HMN assessment tool ver 2 [xls 980kb]

:: HMN assessment tool guide ver 2 [pdf 1.47Mb]

:: HMN assessment group builder [xls 5.56Mb]

:: Synthesis, analysis and use of country evidence (SAUCE) [pdf 80kb]

:: Country Logbook

:: Verbal Autopsy Standards: Ascertaining and attributing causes of death

:: Stepping Stones to Improving the Monitoring of Vital Events

:: Maternal Mortality Measurement Resource (MMM-Resource)





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