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[EQ] Health Promotion - achieving good health for all

Health Promotion – achieving good health for all


Director General Bjørn-Inge Larsen, Norwegian Directorate of Health, 2010


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“…..This year’s report is devoted to public health, precisely because of the challenges to public health that we will face in the years to come both internationally and nationally. The World Health Organisation attaches importance to the public health perspective, and in autumn 2011 world leaders are going to discuss public health issues at the United Nations General Assembly.

The number of people over the age of 65 is set to increase significantly in the coming years. There will be more active, healthy old people, but there will also be more people who need health and care services.

The demographic changes are a result of our success at creating a society with good living conditions and good health services. Nevertheless, we also see that inequalities in status, wealth and resources foster inequalities in health. These two trends will have a major impact on public health in the future.

The main goal of health promotion is to promote a good, fair distribution of health. We must foot the bill of measures in the public health sector today, but will not see the benefits until some time in the future. We must act now to ensure the health and welfare of future generations!

The purpose of this report is to discuss the main challenges and identify strategies to boost health promotion and thus also improve public health. It is decisive for the life and health of individuals and for society’s ability to maintain a sustainable welfare state that the challenges are met with knowledge-based, target-oriented measures…..”  [
Bjørn-Inge Larsen, Director General of Health]



Summary and main messages

Part 1: Challenges and strategic choices

Chapter 1: Description of the challenges

Chapter 2: What is health promotion?

Chapter 3: Towards knowledge-based health promotion

Chapter 4: The health system and factors affecting health

Determinants of health – factors that affect public health

The role of the health sector in intersectoral health promotion

Broad, concerted health promotion

Part 2: Implementation of health promotion

Chapter 5: National public health policy

Health promotion at the national level

Structural measures in health promotion

Economic assessments, socioeconomic analyses and taxes

Chapter 6: Local health promotion: Broad and interdisciplinary

The municipalities’ responsibility for public health

Roles and responsibilities in regional health promotion

National development work in recent years

`           Strategies for the future local health promotion
Chapter 7: _ e health service: Group-level and individual-level health promotion

The primary health service’s role in health promotion aimed at risk groups and individuals

The role of the specialist health services in health promotion

Chapter 8: Mental health as a public health challenge

Context and background

How do mental disorders arise?

Key concepts and and definitions associated with mental health

Environmental-level interventions in the area of mental health

Individual-level preventive interventions in the area of mental health

Early prevention

Part 3: The way forward

Chapter 9: The way forward in health promotion

Greater emphasis on the determinants of health and social inequalities in health

Interdisciplinarity and capacity-building in local health promotion

Active use of structural measures

Boosting work aimed at groups and individuals in the health services

Greater emphasis on mental health in health promotion

Development of knowledge




Public Health Report for 2010: The state of public health in Norway published by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health

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