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[EQ] The Challenge of Epidemiology: Issues and Selected Readings

20 Years of Publication 1988-2008!

The Challenge of Epidemiology: Issues and Selected Readings - ISBN: 9789275115053


Pan American Health Organization –PAHO/WHO - - ISBN: 9789275115053 - 1988

Table of content:

“….Dr. Clovis H. Tigre, coordinated its production, and a working group of editors comprised of four epidemiologists-Carol Buck of the University of Western Ontario, Alvaro Llopis of the Central University of Venezuela, Enrique Najera of the University of Seville, and Milton Terris from the Journal of Public Health Policy-selected works for the anthology and provided the background discussions for each section.

These discussions, designed to provide a framework for the anthologized works, were taped and transcribed from actual sessions held by the editors. They have been kept in their original style to preserve the editors’ opinions and the spirit of their discussions…” Preface


“…… this book consolidates a core of landmark articles on the evolution, scope and limitations, uses, and prospects of epidemiology. The book includes the editors' assessments of the realm of epidemiology, where it is and where it should be going. It represents a useful tool for both students and practicing professionals and provides a much-needed frame of reference for reorienting the practice of epidemiology. The book is a collection of 91 articles, grouped in five parts. The first two parts deal with the historical evolution of the discipline. This first part is introduced with the discussions of the four epidemiologists on the concept of epidemiology and its evolution….”



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Table of contents



PART I. Historical Development

Discussions: pp. 3-17(15)

 Buck, Carol; Llopis, Alvaro; Nájera, Enrique; Terris, Milton

Airs, Waters, Places: pp. 18-19(2)


An Inquiry into the Nature, Causes, and Cure of the Scurvy: pp. 20-23(4)

 Lind, James

About the Disease Commonly Called "Mal de la Rosa" in this Province: pp. 24-26(3)

 Casal, Gaspar

An Essay Concerning the Cause of the Endemial Colic of Devonshire: pp. 27-30(4)

 Baker, George

An Inquiry into the Causes and Effects of the Variolae Vaccinae: pp. 31-32(2)

 Jenner, Edward

A Description of the Physical and Moral State of Workers Employed in Cotton, Wool, and Silk Mills: pp. 33-36(4)

 Villerme, Louis R.

Observations Made During the Epidemic of Measles on the Faroe Islands in the Year 1846: pp. 37-41(5)

 Panum, Peter Ludwig

On the Mode of Communication of Cholera: pp. 42-45(4)

 Snow, John

The Etiology, Concept, and Prophylaxis of Childbed Fever: pp. 46-59(14)

 Semmelweis, Ignaz

The Mosquito Hypothetically Considered as the Agent of Transmission of Yellow Fever: pp. 60-66(7)

 Finlay, Carlos J.

Mortality of Miners: A Selection from the Reports and Writings of William Farr: pp. 67-71(5)

Notes on Verruga Peruana: pp. 72-74(3)

 Carrión, Daniel

The Preservation of Health Amongst the Personnel of the Japanese Navy and Army: pp. 75-79(5)

 Takaki, Baron

A New Disease Entity in Man: A Report on Etiologic and Clinical Observations: pp. 80-81(2)

 Chagas, Carlos


PART II: From the Old to the New Epidemiology

Discussions: pp. 85-98(14)

 Buck, Carol; Llopis, Alvaro; Nájera, Enrique; Terris, Milton

Considerations on Pellagra: pp. 99-102(4)

 Goldberger, Joseph

Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases in Massachusetts: pp. 103-111(9)

 Bigelow, George H.; Lombard, Herbert L.

On the Epidemiology of Cancer: pp. 112-121(10)

 Greenwood, Major

Social Medicine and Public Health: pp. 122-124(3)

 Ryle, John A.

Sickness and Stress in Operational Flying: pp. 125-134(10)

 Reid, D.D.

Epidemiology: Old and New: pp. 135-141(7)

 Gordon, John E.

Infectious and Chronic Disease Epidemiology: Separate and Unequal?: pp. 142-145(4)

 Barrett-Connor, Elizabeth

PART III: Etiologic Investigations

Discussions: pp. 149-166(18)

 Buck, Carol; Llopis, Alvaro; Nájera, Enrique; Terris, Milton

Statistics of Morbidity:
pp. 167-175(9)

 Sydenstricker, Edgar

The Age Selection of Mortality from Tuberculosis in Successive Decades:
pp. 176-179(4)

 Frost, Wade Hampton

Record Linkage: pp. 180-183(4)

 Dunn, Halbert L.

A Discussion of the Concepts of Incidence and Prevalence as Related to Epidemiologic Studies of Mental Disorders:

pp. 184-197(14)

 Kramer, Morton

Nutrition, Growth, and Neurointegrative Development: An Experimental and Ecologic Study: pp. 198-222(25)

 Cravioto, Joaquin; DeLicardie, Elsa R.; Birch, Herbert G.

Patterns of Urban Mortality: pp. 223-234(12)

 Puffer, Ruth Rice; Griffith, G. Wynne

A Single Index of Mortality and Morbidity: pp. 235-242(8)

 Sullivan, Daniel F.

Potential Years of Life Lost Between Ages 1 and 70: An Indicator of Premature Mortality for Health Planning:

pp. 243-251(9)

 Romeder, J.M.; McWhinnie, J.R.

An Epidemiological Study of Endemic Typhus (Brill's Disease) in the Southeastern United States with Special

Reference to Its Mode of Transmission: pp. 252-270(19)

 Maxcy, Kenneth F.

Endemic Fluorosis and Its Relation to Dental Caries: pp. 271-278(8)

 Dean, H. Trendley

The Racial and Social Incidence of Cancer of the Uterus: pp. 279-289(11)

 Kennaway, E.L.

Contribution to the Study of the Etiology and Prevention of Cancer of the Cervix of the Uterus: pp. 290-294(5)

 Gagnon, Fabien

Comparative Neutralizing Antibody Patterns to Lansing (Type 2) Poliomyelitis Virus in Different Populations: pp. 295-


 Paul, John R.; Melnick, Joseph L.; Riordan, John T.

Prediction and Possible Prevention of Coronary Disease: pp. 312-318(7)

 Keys, Ancel

A Study of Environmental Factors in Carcinoma of the Cervix: pp. 319-349(31)

 Wynder, Ernest L.; Cornfield, Jerome; Schroff, P.D.; Doraiswami, K.R.

Death by Liver Cirrhosis and the Price of Beverage Alcohol: pp. 350-357(8)

 Seeley, John R.

Epidemiological Studies of Cultural Change: pp. 358-367(10)

 Cassel, John; Tyroler, Herman A.

Schizophrenia and Social Class: pp. 368-383(16)

 Goldberg, E.M.; Morrison, S.L.

Epidemiology of Childhood Leukemia in Northumberland and Durham: pp. 384-392(9)

 Knox, George

Geographic and Climatic Aspects of Multiple Sclerosis: A Review of Current Hypotheses: pp. 393-400(8)

 Kurland, Leonard T.; Reed, Dwayne

Natural Nidality of Transmissible Disease in Relation to Landscape Epidemiology of Zooanthroponoses: pp. 401-405(5)

 Pavlosky, E.

Observations on Recent Increase in Mortality from Asthma: pp. 406-414(9)

 Speizer, F.E.; Doll, R.; Heaf, P.

The Cholera Near Golden Square: pp. 415-418(4)

 Snow, John

Milk-Borne Streptococcic Infections: pp. 419-425(7)

 Sullivan, Daniel F.

Congenital Cataract Following German Measles in the Mother: pp. 426-434(9)

 McAlister Gregg, N.

Rickettsialpox: A Newly Recognized Rickettsial Disease: pp. 435-441(7)

 Greenberg, Morris; Pellitteri, Ottavio J.; Jellison, William L.

Outbreak of Paralysis in Morocco due to Ortho-cresyl Phosphate Poisoning: pp. 442-445(4)

 Smith, Honor V.; Spalding, J.M.K.

Adenocarcinoma of the Vagina: Association of Maternal Stilbestrol Therapy with Tumor Appearance in Young Women:

pp. 446-450(5)

 Herbst, Arthur L.; Ulfelder, Howard; Poskanzer, David C.

Salmonellosis Associated with Marijuana: A Multistate Outbreak Traced By Plasmid Fingerprinting: pp. 451-457(7)

 Taylor, David N.; Wachsmuth, I. Kaye; Shangkuan, Yung-Hui; Schmidt, Emmett V.; Barrett, Timothy J.;

Schrader, Janice S.; Scherach, Charlene S.; McGee, Harry B.; Feldman, Roger A.; Brenner, Don J.

Tobacco Smoking as a Possible Etiologic Factor in Bronchiogenic Carcinoma: A study of Six Hundred and Eighty-Four

Proved Cases: pp. 458-470(13)

 Wynder, Ernest L.; Graham, Evarts A.

Cancer and Tobacco Smoking: A Preliminary Report: pp. 471-474(4)

 Levin, Morton L.; Goldstein, Hyman; Gerhardt, Paul R.

Smoking and Carcinoma of the Lung: Preliminary Report: pp. 475-491(17)

 Doll, Richard; Bradford Hill, A.

The Interrelation between Uterine Cancer and Syphilis: A Patho-Demographic Study: pp. 492-499(8)

 Røjel, Jørgen

Relationship between Pregnancy Experience and the Development of Certain Neuropsychiatric Disorders in

Childhood: pp. 500-505(6)

 Lilienfeld, Abraham M.; Pasamanick, Benjamin; Rogers, Martha

A Survey of Childhood Malignancies: pp. 506-532(27)

 Steward, Alice; Webb, Josefine; Hewitt, David

Statistical Aspects of the Analysis of Data from Retrospective Studies of Disease: pp. 533-553(21)

 Mantel, Nathan; Haenszel, William

A Controlled Study of Fatal Automobile Accidents in New York City: pp. 554-565(12)

 McCarroll, James R.; Haddon, William

Age at First Birth and Break Cancer Risk: pp. 566-577(12)

 MacMajon, B.; Cole, P.; Lin, T.M.; Lowe, C.R.; Mirra, A.P.; Ravnihar, B.; Salber, E.J.; Valaoras, V.G.; Yuasa , S.

Increased Risk of Endometrial Carcinoma among Users of Conjugated Estrogens: pp. 578-583(6)

 Ziel, Harry K.; Finkle, William D.

A Study of the Relation of Family Income and Other Economic Factors to Pellagra Incidence in Seven Cotton-Mill

Villages of South Carolina in 1916: pp. 584-609(26)

 Goldberger, Joseph; Wheeler, G.A.; Sydenstricker , Edgar

Mortality From Lung Cancer in Asbestos Workers: pp. 610-618(9)

 Doll , Richard

An Approach to Longitudinal Studies in a Community: The Framingham Study: pp. 619-630(12)

 Dawber, Thomas R.; Kannel, William B.; Lyell , Lorna P.

Mortality in Relation to Smoking: Ten Years' Observations of British Doctors: pp. 631-667(37)

 Doll, Richard; Bradford Hill, Austin

Final Report of a Prospective Study of Children Whose Mothers Had Rubella in Early Pregnancy: pp. 668-675(8)

 Sheridan, Mary D.

Radiation-related leukemia in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 1946-1964 I. Distribution, Incidence, and Appearance Time:

pp. 676-686(11)

 Bizzozero, O. Joseph; Johnson, Kenneth G.; Ciocco, Antonio; Hoshino, Takashi; Itoga, Takashi; Toyoda, Shigeki;

Kawasaki, Sho

Incidence and Prediction of Ischemic Heart Disease in London Busmen: pp. 687-698(12)

 Morris, J.N.; Kagan, Aubrey; Pattison, D.C.; Gardner, M.J.; Raffle, P.A.B.

An Overview of the Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease: pp. 699-718(20)

 Kannel , William B.

Psychiatric Disorders in Foster Home Reared Children of Schizophrenic Mothers: pp. 719-725(7)

 Heston , Leonard L.

Pellagra Prevention by Diet among Institutional Inmates: pp. 726-730(5)

 Goldberger, Joseph; Waring, C.H.; Tanner , W.F.

The Biology of Epidemics: pp. 731-746(16)

 Topley, W.W.C.

The Conclusion of a Ten-Year Study of Water Fluoridation: pp. 747-752(6)

 Ast, David B.; Schlesinger , Edward R.

The Influence of Vitamin Supplementation of the Diets of Pregnant and Lactating Women on the Intelligence of Their

Offspring: pp. 753-758(6)

 Harrell, Ruth F.; Woodyard, Ella R.; Gates , Arthur I.

A Controlled Study of Three Methods of Prophylaxis against Streptococcal Infection in a Population of Rheumatic

Children II. Results of the First Three Years of the Study, Including Methods for Evaluating the Maintenance of Oral

Prophylaxis: pp. 759-765(7)

 Feinstein, Alvan R.; Wood, Harrison F.; Epstein, Jeanne; Taranta, Angelo; Simpson, Rita; Tursky, Esther;

Argyros, Thomas; Frieden, Julian; Haas, Raymond C.; Hirschfeld, Ilse; Lewis, Arthur J.; Manso, Carlos; Ulich , Konrad

The Dynamics of Malaria: pp. 766-779(14)

 Macdonald, George; Cuellar, Caton B.; Foll, Cecil V.

Incidence of Cancer in Men on a Diet High in Polyunsaturated Fat: pp. 780-785(6)

 Sheridan , Mary D.

The Lipid Research Clinics Coronary Primary Prevention Trial Results I. Reduction in Incidence of Coronary Heart

Disease: pp. 786-806(21)

 Lipid Research Clinics Program,

PART IV. Health Services and Health Policy

Discussions: pp. 809-828(20)  Buck, Carol; Llopis, Alvaro; Nájera, Enrique; Terris, Milton

Sick Individuals and Sick Populations: pp. 829-837(9)  Rose, Geoffrey

Evaluation of 1954 Field Trials of Poliomyelitis Vaccine: pp. 838-854(17)

 Francis, T.; Napier, J.A.; Voight, R.B.; Hemphill, R.M.; Wenner, H.A.; Korns, R.F.; Boisen, M.; Tochinsky, E.; Diamond, E.L.

The Surveillance of Communicable Diseases of National Importance: pp. 855-867(13)  Langmuir, Alexander D.

Selective Epidemiologic Control in Smallpox Eradication: pp. 868-873(6)

 Foege, William H.; Millar, J. Donald; Lane, J. Michael

Changes in Five-Year Breast Cancer Mortality in a Breast Cancer Screening Program: pp. 874-887(14)

 Shapiro, Sam; Strax, Philip; Venet, Louis; Venet, Wanda

Does Screening by "Pap" Smears Help Prevent Cervical Cancer? A Case-Control Study: pp. 888-893(6)

 Clarke, E.Aileen; Anderson, Terence W.

Measuring the Quality of Medical Care Through Vital Statistics Based on Hospital Service Areas: 1. Comparative Stud

of Appendectomy Rates: pp. 894-902(9)  Lembcke, Paul A.

Case-Fatality in Teaching and Non-Teaching Hospitals, 1956-1959: pp. 903-908(6)  Lipworth, L.; Lee, J.A.H.; Morris, J.N.

Rehabilitation of Nursing Home Residents: pp. 909-916(8)  Kelman, Howard R.; Muller, Jonas N.

The Iceberg: Completing the Clinical Picture in General Practice: pp. 917-922(6)  Last, J.M.

The Burlington Randomized Trial of the Nurse Practitioner: Health Outcomes of Patients: pp. 923-929(7)

 Sackett, David L.; Spitzer, Water O.; Gent, Michael; Roberts, Robin S.; Hay, W. Ian; Lefroy, Georgie M.;

Sweeny, G. Patrick; Vandervlist, Isabel; Sibley, John C.; Chambers, Larry W.; Goldsmith, Charles H.; MacPherson,

Alexander S.; McAuley, Ronald G.

Health Service "Input" and Mortality "Output" in Developed Countries: pp. 930-937(8)

 Cochrane, A.L.; St. Leger, A.S.; Moore, F.

Ten-Year Results of a Randomized Clinical Trial Comparing Radical Mastectomy and Total Mastectomy With or Without Radiation: pp. 938-949(12)

 Fisher, Bernard; Redmond, Carol; Fisher, Edwin R.; Bauer, Madeline; Wolmark, Norman; Wickerham, Lawrence;

Deutsch, Melvin; Montague, Eleanor; Margolese, Richard; Foster, Roger

Failure of Extracranial-Intracranial Arterial Bypass to Reduce the Risk of Ischemic Stroke: Results of an International Randomized Trial: pp. 950-964(15)

 The EC/IC Bypass Study Group,

PART V: Perspective and Prospect

Discussions: pp. 967-985(19)

 Buck, Carol; Llopis, Alvaro; Nájera, Enrique; Terris, Milton


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