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[EQ] Adelaide Statement on Health in All Policies

Adelaide Statement on Health in All Policies
moving towards a shared governance for health and well-being

Taking account of health means more effective government

More effective government means improved health

RĂ¼diger Krech, Department of Ethics, Equity, Trade and Human Rights, WHO
Kevin Buckett, Government of South Australia, Australia

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“…..The Adelaide Statement on Health in All Policies (HiAP) introduces a strategic approach for governments to take when setting policies – an approach that emphasizes team work across governments, so that all sectors can reap the benefits of a healthy and equitable society.

It affirms that it is the responsibility of the whole of government to create the environments where health and well-being can flourish benefiting all societal groups, especially those marginalized and without political voice. HiAP reaffirms the idea that health sector can be an advocate for the achievement in broader societal goals.

The Adelaide Statement outlines some of the tools and instruments that have been shown to be useful at different stages of the policy cycle. It recognizes that the key drivers of change are context–specific and encourages decision-makers to look for windows of opportunities for novel and integrated approaches to policy–making.

For WHO, the Adelaide Statement is an important milestone towards developing consensus on our understanding of Health in All Policies and practice models of how to operationalize intersectoral action in different jurisdictions and development contexts in order to advance health equity.

The Adelaide Statement was developed by the participants of the Health in All Policies International Meeting, Adelaide, Australia, 13-15 April, 2010. It responds to the recommendations of the WHO Commission on Social Determinants of Health to identify practical ways for governments to tackle the social determinants of health to improve health equity………….”

Adelaide 2010 – Health in All Policies International Meeting -  Presentations

Day 1

·         Professor Ilona Kickbusch: Health policy in the 21st century (pdf 769kb)

·         Dr. RĂ¼diger Krech: WHO's Perspective on Health in All Policies: challenges and opportunities (pdf 32kb)

·         Ms. Lois Boswell: Transit-Oriented Developments through a Health Lens …a partner agency perspective (pdf 1184kb)

·         Ms Sandy Pitcher: SA’s Strategic Plan & Health in All Policies: Governance (pdf 668kb)

·         Trudi Meakins: Public Transport Network -Transit Oriented Developments (pdf 1905kb)

Day 2

·         Dr. Kevin Buckett: South Australia’s Health in All Policies Approach (pdf 479kb)

·         Ms. Carmel Williams: South Australia’s Health in All Policies Approach (pdf 239kb)

·         Dr. Bernard Merkel: Health In All Policies: European Union experience and perspectives (pdf 218kb)

·         Mr. Bosse Pettersson: Across jurisdictions - snapshots from Sweden (pdf 748kb)

·         Dr. Darunee Rujkorakam: Three decades of HiAP in Thailand. From top down government driven approach to active
citizenship involvement in all public policies (pdf 3436kb)

·         Mr. Robert Quigley: HIA in New Zealand (pdf 211kb)

·         HIA in New Zealand – Additional information (pdf 24kb)

·         Dr. Alain Poirier & Dr. Luc Boileau: Section 54 of the Public Health Act: Towards the Inclusion of Health in all
Policies (pdf 218kb)

·         Dr. Timo Stahl: Health promotion capacity of local governments (pdf 197kb)

·         Mr. Lejo van der Heiden: Health behind the dykes or Health in a lot of policies in the Netherlands (pdf 1226kb)

·         Dr. Jean Simos: Governance structure & processes and their application for HiAP. The case of Geneva and Switzerland
(pdf 606kb)

·         Ms. Louise St. Pierre: Governance structures and processes for HiAP; Analytical framework for intersectoral
governance (pdf 407kb)

Day 3

·         Professor Fran Baum: Health in all Policies & the Social Determinants of Health (pdf 898kb)

·         Dr. Henk Bekedam & Dr. Anjana Bhushan: Health in All Policies A reflection from the region (pdf 102kb)

·         Ms. Elizabeth Harris: Complex problems require courageous solutions (pdf 849kb)

·         Dr. Alvaro Matida: Connecting SDH actions with HiAP in Brazil (pdf 908kb)


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