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[EQ] FAO/WHO Project and Fund for Enhanced Participation in Codex

FAO/WHO Project and Fund for Enhanced Participation in Codex



Closing date:  21 September 2009

Approximate duration of assignment: 4 months (100 days)

Tentative contract starting date: 12 October 2009

Location: To be determined, field trips required



I. Background

The FAO/WHO Project and Fund for Enhanced Participation in Codex (Codex Trust Fund) was launched on 14 February 2003 by the Directors-General of WHO and FAO.  The main objective of the Trust Fund is to help developing countries and those with economies in transition to enhance their level of effective participation in the development of global food safety and quality standards by the FAO/WHO Codex Alimentarius Commission.  It aims to achieve this by providing support to eligible countries to:

·                                 Prepare for and participate in Codex Committees and related meetings;

·                                 Participate in Codex training courses to enhance participation in Codex meetings;

·                                 Prepare and present scientific/technical positions and data related to the work of Codex.[1]


The Trust Fund is currently in its sixth year of operation, half way through its planned duration.  As specified in the Codex Alimentarius Commission Strategic Plan 2008-2013, a mid-term review to assess the progress and sustainability of the Trust Fund Project is expected to be conducted this year. 

II. Description of requirement

The Codex Trust Fund is seeking a private consultant/consulting firm, academic institution, or specialized center to conduct a mid-term review of the Codex Trust Fund.


The purpose of the review is to evaluate the progress of the Codex Trust Fund to date and provide actionable, forward-looking recommendations for strengthening its performance for the remainder of the project's duration.


The specific objectives of the review are to:

1.       Identify and learn from the successes and weaknesses of the Trust Fund in its first 6 years of operation in regards to progress towards its key expected results, with special emphasis on its impact at the national and regional levels.

2.       Contribute to the refinement or adjustment of the focus of the Trust Fund's activities for the remaining project duration with a view to enable the Project to achieve a sustainable impact.


III. Methodology

The mid-term review would include analyses of various information sources including desk reviews; focus groups and interviews with key stakeholders (relevant WHO and FAO staff, donors, beneficiary country representatives, etc.), field visits to beneficiary countries and/or focus group discussions with participants from beneficiary countries at Codex meetings taking place during the timeframe of the mid-term review. As the Codex Trust Fund is global in scope, the review is expected to seek the views of all key stakeholder groups.  Both quantitative and qualitative methods should be used and participatory methodologies are encouraged. 


The Terms of Reference (TOR) for the review will be made available to short-listed candidates. The selected consultant(s) will work closely with the manager of the mid-term review at the Codex Trust Fund Secretariat on the design and implementation of the review.


The deliverables expected are:

1.      Detailed work plan and timeline which elaborate further the methodology proposed in the TOR.

2.      Draft report containing preliminary findings/conclusions.

3.      Final report of 50-60 pages in English, including an executive summary of 1-2 pages.

4.      Presentation of conclusions and recommendations at the 33rd Session of the Codex Alimentarius Commission in Geneva between 29 June and 9 July 2010.


Covered expenses will include consultant fees, travel costs, and per diems.  Fees will be determined based on experience.


IV. Skills and Experience Required

·         Senior-level experience in leading evaluations for international organizations, bilateral or multilateral donors;

·         Experience with international standard setting bodies, preferably with the Codex Alimentarius Commission;

·         Operational experience in the management of international and/or national food safety programmes;

·         Working experience designing and/or delivering capacity building programs for developing countries;

·         PhD or Masters degree in an area related to food safety, biological sciences, international development or management studies;

·         Fluency in English, working knowledge of French and Spanish would be an asset.


V. Submission of Applications

Interested candidates should submit their applications in English, consisting of:

1.  Curriculum vitae

2. Letter expressing interest and clearly identifying how the candidate meets the required skills and experience and fee expectations.


Applications should be submitted no later than 21 September 2009.  


All applications must be submitted through the online form available at:


username: applicant

password: applicant


Please note that applications submitted through other channels will not be considered. If you encounter any difficulties accessing the online application form, please contact the Codex Trust Fund Secretariat by email at



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