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[EQ] The future of primary healthcare in Europe

The future of primary healthcare in Europe III, Pisa 2010

Diederik Aarendonk Coordinator of the European Forum for Primary Care

Jan De Maeseneer Chair of the European Forum for Primary Care

Quality in Primary Care, Volume 19, Number 2, April 2011

Available online at: http://bit.ly/ivaEKa

“……The third biennial conference of the European Forum for Primary Care (EFPC) in Pisa, August 2010, aimed at enabling participants to identify, define and appreciate topics – ranging from policy to organisation, management and clinical care – which are likely to determine the future of primary care (PC) in Europe.

Research paper


Priorities for health services research in primary care


Willemijn Scha¨ fer Researcher, NIVEL – Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research

Peter P Groenewegen Director, NIVEL – Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research and Utrecht University, Dept of Sociology, Dept of Human Geography,
European Forum for Primary Care

Johan Hansen Senior Researcher, NIVEL – Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research

Nick Black Professor of Health Service Research, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London, UK

Quality in Primary Care 2011;19:77–83


Available online at: http://bit.ly/mcitaZ

“.......All European health systems face several common challenges related to increases in lifestyle and chronic diseases, a decreasing future workforce, inequalities in health and the consequences of societal changes.


Primary care, which has the potential to help meet these challenges, would benefit from the contribution of health services research (HSR) on a wide range of topics. As funding for such research is limited, priorities need to be defined.


Aim With the European Union (EU) funded project Health Services Research into European Policy and Practice (HSREPP) we identified several HSR priority areas for health care in general across Europe. This article focuses on our findings as they apply to primary care.


Several research areas were identified. At the level of the healthcare system these areas included evaluation of primary care reforms, the influence of funding on cooperation between primary care providers plus workforce management and migration. At the organisational level the relationship between primary and secondary care, the internal organisation of primary care settings, patient involvement and community oriented care and aspects of professional–manager relations need to be studied.


Finally, the role of primary care in increasing equity in access and health outcomes was found to be an important topic for future research.


Given funding constraints, it is imperative that research priorities are identified to ensure that resources are devoted to the most pressing and important issues facing primary care. Priority areas for future research are amongst others the evaluation of primary care reforms in Europe, and the relations between primary and secondary care.


EFPC Conference Graz, Austria 16 Sept: Registration open!

European Forum for Primary Care 2011 conference . The conference organized in close collaboration with the Medical University of Graz with the title
 "Integrating Public and Personal Health Care in a World on the Move: the European Primary Care perspective" will include high level key-note speeches from different European Universities and the OECD.  For the complete programme have a look at the conference website.http://www.nivel.nl/oc2/page.asp?pageid=15179


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