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[EQ] Global Pharmaceutical Development and Access: Critical Issues of Ethics and Equity

Global Pharmaceutical Development and Access: Critical Issues of Ethics and Equity

Agustín Lage Dávila, Director of the Molecular Immunology Center, Havana, Cuba

MEDICC Review: The International Journal of Cuban Health & Medicine - Special Article

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“……….The article presents global data on access to pharmaceuticals and discusses underlying barriers. Two are highly visible: pricing policies and intellectual property rights; two are less recognized: the regulatory environment and scientific and technological capacities.

Two ongoing transitions influence and even distort the problem of universal access to medications: the epidemiologic transition to an increasing burden of chronic non-communicable diseases; and the growing role of biotechnology products (especially immunobiologicals) in the pharmacopeia.

Examples from Cuba and Brazil are used to explore what can and should be done to address commercial, regulatory, and technological aspects of assuring universal access to medications…”

MEDICC Review Vol. 13, No 3 July, 2011

New issue now online: Achieving Universal Health Care:

Table of Contents
Editorial: Equity Matters


Roundtable: Revisiting Innovative Leaders in Medical Education

André-Jacques Neusy and Bjorg Palsdottir


Cuban Maternity Homes: A Model to Address At-Risk Pregnancy

Conner Gorry

Original Research
Intentional Injury in Young People in Vietnam: Prevalence and Social Correlates

Linh Cu Le and Robert W. Blum

Cuba’s Strategy for Childhood Tuberculosis Control, 1995-2005

Gladys Abreu, et al.


Raising the Profile of Participatory Action Research at the 2010 Global Symposium on Health Systems Research

Rene Loewenson, et al.

Population-Level Approaches to Universal Health Coverage in Resource-Poor Settings: Lessons from Tobacco Control Policy in Vietnam

Hideki Higashi, et al.

Health Systems in an Interconnected World: A View from Nigeria

Seye Abimbola

Ethiopia’s Health Extension Program: Improving Health through Community Involvement

Hailom Banteyerga

Making the Right to Health a Reality for Brazil’s Indigenous Peoples:

Innovation, Decentralization and Equity

Vera Coelho and Alex Shankland

Impact of Court Rulings on Health Care Coverage: The Case of HIV/AIDS in Colombia

Ana Cristina González and Juanita Durán


Cuban Research in Current International Journals


Sumak Kawsay: Ecuador Builds a New Health Paradigm

César Hermida

MEDICC Review: The International Journal of Cuban Health & Medicine is a quarterly, peer-reviewed, open-access journal.
 Published by Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba (MEDICC), a non-profit organization .




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