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[EQ] Data Systems and Social Determinants of Health - Public Health Reports Special Issue

Data Systems and Social Determinants of Health

Public Health Reports Volume 126 Supplement 3: 2011

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“This special supplement to Public Health Reports focuses on data systems and their use in addressing social determinants of health (SDH)—the underlying economic and social conditions that influence the health of individuals and communities as a whole.

This supplement brings attention to the increasing burden and inequities in some health outcomes, as well as the use of data to expand the knowledge base on SDH.


In his special commentary, "The Ultimate Measures of Health," Assistant Secretary for Health Dr. Howard K. Koh discusses the need for a broad "health in all policies" approach to public health for the 21st century. Similarly, in their guest editorial, Drs. Kathleen McDavid Harrison and Hazel D. Dean of the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention describe the need for a holistic approach to disease prevention that involves addressing not only individual, social, structural, and environmental determinants, but also working with a wide array of government and private sector organizations, including health, education, justice, environment, and labor. In turn, this holistic approach requires using diverse kinds of data such as surveillance, legal, land use, marketing, workforce, education, and financial.

Several articles within the supplement describe novel ways to use surveillance data from both national and state-level data collection systems, while others demonstrate innovative ways of linking labor, housing, and policy data with public health data to assess health outcomes. Additionally, experts provide specific viewpoints on gender equity as a social determinant, the use of public health law research to address SDH, and psychosocial factors affecting health.”




Article Title



Use of Data Systems to Address Social Determinants of Health: A Need to Do More



Kathleen McDavid Harrison , / Hazel D. Dean , | Deputy Director | National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention | Centers for Disease Control and Prevention





Data Systems Linking Social Determinants of Health with Health Outcomes: Advancing Public Goods to Support Research and Evidence-Based Policy and Programs



Ritu Sadana , / Sam Harper ,





The Ultimate Measures of Health



Howard K. Koh ,





Including Gender in Public Health Research



Susan P. Phillips ,





Law in a Social Determinants Strategy: A Public Health Law Research Perspective



Scott Burris ,





Accumulating Knowledge on the Social Determinants of Health and Infectious Disease



Paula A. Braveman ,





The NCHHSTP 2010–2015 Strategic Plan and the Pursuit of Health Equity: A Catalyst for Change and A Step in the Right Direction



Johnnie (Chip) Allen , / Robert Jennings , / Robyn S. Taylor / Michele Shipp ,





Reflections from the CDC 2010 Health Equity Symposium



Sha Juan J. Colbert , / Kathleen McDavid Harrison ,





Collection of Social Determinant of Health Measures in U.S. National Surveillance Systems for HIV, Viral Hepatitis, STDs, and TB



Victoria M. Beltran / Kathleen McDavid Harrison , / H. Irene Hall , Hazel D. Dean ,





Incorporating Geospatial Capacity within Clinical Data Systems to Address Social Determinants of Health



Karen Frederickson Comer , / Shaun Grannis , / Brian E. Dixon , / David J. Bodenhamer , Sarah E. Wiehe ,





Promoting Health and Safety in San Francisco’s Chinatown Restaurants: Findings and Lessons Learned from a Pilot Observational Checklist



Laura M. Gaydos , Rajiv Bhatia / Alvaro Morales , / Pam Tau Lee , / Shaw San Liu , Charlotte Chang , / Alicia L. Salvatore , / Niklas Krause / Meredith Minkler





Identifying the Impact of Social Determinants of Health on Disease Rates Using Correlation Analysis of Area-Based Summary Information



Ruiguang Song , H. Irene Hall , / Kathleen McDavid Harrison / Tanya Telfair Sharpe / Lillian S. Lin , / Hazel D. Dean ,





Changing Disparities in Invasive Pneumococcal Disease by Socioeconomic Status and Race/Ethnicity in Connecticut, 1998–2008



Kristen Soto / Susan Petit , / James L. Hadler ,





Use of Medicaid Data to Explore Community Characteristics Associated with HIV Prevalence Among Beneficiaries with Schizophrenia



James Walkup , Ayse Akincigil , Donald R. Hoover , Michele J. Siegel , Shahla Amin Stephen Crystal ,





Institutional Racism and Pregnancy Health: Using Home Mortgage Disclosure Act Data to Develop an Index for Mortgage Discrimination at the Community Level



Dara D. Mendez , / Vijaya Hogan  Jennifer F. Culhane ,





Spatial Visualization of Multivariate Datasets: An Analysis of STD and HIV/AIDS Diagnosis Rates and Socioeconomic Context Using Ring Maps



Ana Lòpez-De Fede , John E. Stewart , / James W. Hardin , / Kathy Mayfield-Smith / Dawn Sudduth , Med





Creating and Using New Data Sources to Analyze the Relationship Between Social Policy and Global Health: The Case of Maternal Leave



Jody Heymann , Amy Raub / Alison Earle ,






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