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[EQ] International health symposium on universal health coverage - 3-4 October 2011 - Bandar Sunway Malaysia

International health symposium on universal health coverage

3-4 October 2011 - Bandar Sunway Malaysia

The Global Public Health research strength at the Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Monash University Sunway Campus Malaysia in collaboration with the Sunway Medical Centre and the Institute for Health Systems Research of the Ministry of Health

“Universal Coverage: can we guarantee health for all?”

Website: http://bit.ly/nM4cPi

“……….The aim of a health system that claims universal coverage is to ensure that all people have access to a full spectrum of quality health services without suffering undue financial hardship in order to pay for it. Incorporated in this definition of universal coverage are two distinct notions.
The first relates to full access to the spectrum of quality services – from prevention through to palliative and rehabilitative services.
The second relates to access to the available healthcare; both financial and structural.

To achieve universal coverage, investments in health services will need to exceed the expectation of a reasonable financial return. However, the investment can be expected to return value to the community as a whole, beyond benefits to the individual. Underpinning universal coverage therefore are the basic human values of equity and social justice.

How then can governments, particularly in lower and middle income countries, with significant budget deficits, often limited capacity and with populations with multiple disease burdens, achieve universal coverage? And what evidence do they need to support their approach? In spite of some opportunities for dialogue between the public and private health sectors, it remains largely unclear how the roles of both can be integrated towards a coherent functional, efficient and equitable health system. These are key challenges particularly within the context of the urgent need for health systems strengthening and health sector reforms in lower and middle income countries.

Using a combination of case studies and panel discussions, this symposium will bring together a host of policy makers, practitioners, academics, consumers and experts from the public and private health care sectors to explore these issues from their unique perspectives.
The symposium will provide the opportunity to discuss effective mechanisms and measures adopted by states to control cost escalation in implementing universal coverage. Papers and case studies will be presented from a range of lower and middle income countries and from the private health sector, with the explicit purpose of enabling discussion of approaches to making universal coverage affordable. …”

Program overview 

Session 1 - Universal coverage – health for all?
Session 2 - The cost of universal coverage – the consumer perspective.
Session 3 – Sustainable financing models for universal coverage.
Session 4 – Acute and chronic care under universal coverage
Session 5 – Other challenges for universal coverage.

 Symposium organising committee:

Prof. Dr. Pascale Allotey; Prof. Dr. Daniel Reidpath; Dr. Chong Su Lin; Dr. Shenglan Tang; Assoc. Prof. Shah Yasin

In conjunction with the symposium the 2011 Global Health Oration entitled:

“Harnessing knowledge to secure a universal and equitable entitlement to health”
This free public event will be held on 3 October 2011 and is part of the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation Distinguished Speaker Series.
The orator for this year is Prof. Dr. Timothy Evans, Dean of the James P Grant School of Public Health at BRAC University in Bangladesh, and former ADG of the World Health Organization.

email gph.symposium@monash.edu or phone:- +60 (0)3-55146300 ext. 61569

Twitter http://twitter.com/eqpaho

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