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[EQ] Propuesta de Politicas e Intervenciones para Reducir las Desigualdades Sociales en Salud en Espana

Propuesta de Políticas e Intervenciones para Reducir las Desigualdades Sociales en Salud en España

Comisión para Reducir las Desigualdades Sociales en Salud en España
Comisionado por: Dirección General de Salud Pública y Sanidad Exterior
Ministerio de Sanidad y Política Social - 2010

Comisión: Carme Borrell, Davide Malmusi, Lucía Artazcoz, Elia Díez, M Isabel Pasarín, Maica Rodríguez Sanz, Pilar Campos, Begoña Merino, Rosa Ramírez, Joan Benach, Antonio Escolar, Santiago Esnaola, Ana Gandarillas, Ana Gómez, Daniel La Parra, Rosana Peiró, Javier Segura, José Ramón Solanillas.

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Document in Spanish    “………………Social inequalities in health are those unjust and avoidable differences in health between population groups defined socially, economically, demographically or geographically. A growing number of publications have described and analysed social inequalities in health in Spain according to social class, gender, ethnicity, territory and country of origin. These inequalities have an enormous impact on population health and, therefore, must be a priority for public health policies and a cross-cutting issue in health care policies in our country, following the line traced by the main international organisations and several surrounding countries.

After a major process of reviewing evidence and experiences, collecting expert opinion and reaching consensus, the Commission to Reduce Social Inequalities in Health in Spain presents a total of 27 major and 166 specific recommendations, sorted by priority and divided into 5 sections, each of which deals with several areas.

The sections are as follows (with areas in parentheses):

I. The distribution of power, wealth and resources (health and equity in all policies; fair financing and public expenditure for equity; political power and participation; global governance).
II. Living and working conditions throughout the life cycle (childhood; employment and labour; ageing).
III. Health-promoting environments (welcoming and accessible physical environments; access to decent housing; healthy habits enabling environments).
IV. Health care (a health system that does not cause inequality).
V. Information, monitoring, research and teaching (information, monitoring and evaluation; research; teaching).

To make progress toward equity in health by following the lines proposed in this document, it will be key to:

• Create political and technical agencies to support this priority.
• Have data and monitoring systems to study the evolution of inequality and the impact of policies.
• Promote health care and public health interventions that reduce inequalities.
• Establish partnerships to promote policies that reduce inequalities in health and occur outside the health sector.

It is therefore necessary that, after these recommendations, commitments and responsibilities are established by all stakeholders…………”



Las desigualdades en salud. Qué son y porqué existen
Las desigualdades en salud en España y sus determinantes
Las políticas para reducir las desigualdades en salud en el contexto internacional
Políticas para reducir las desigualdades en España: Planes de Salud y experiencias de buena práctica


Parte I. La distribución del poder, la riqueza y los recursos
Área 1. Salud y equidad en todas las políticas
Área 2. Financiación justa y gasto público para la equidad
Área 3. Poder político y participación
Área 4. Buena gobernanza mundial

Parte II. Condiciones de vida y de trabajo cotidianas a lo largo del ciclo vital
Área 5. Infancia
Área 6. Empleo y trabajo
Área 7. Envejecimiento

Parte III. Entornos favorecedores de la salud
Área 8. Entornos físicos acogedores y accesibles
Área 9. Acceso a una vivienda digna
Área 10. Entornos favorecedores de hábitos saludables

Parte IV. Servicios sanitarios
Área 11. Un sistema sanitario que no causa desigualdad.
Parte V. Información, vigilancia, investigación y docencia
Área 12. Información, vigilancia y evaluación
Área 13. Investigación
Área 14. Docencia
Políticas e intervenciones prioritarias desde el sector de salud



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