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[EQ] Facilitating the use of research evidence - Milbank Quarterly

Facilitating the use of research evidence

Milbank Quarterly - 2011 Milbank Memorial Fund

Edited By: Bradford H. Gray

Facilitating the use of research is the topic of a newly published virtual issue of The Milbank Quarterly. The issue includes, in chronological order, twenty-two articles and two commentaries that were published in the Quarterly between 2001 and 2011.

The editor's introduction and the entire issue are available at no charge at

Evidence-Based Management: From Theory to Practice in Health Care
Walshe, K. and T.G. Rundall. 2001

Examining the Role of Health Services Research in Public Policymaking
Lavis, J.N., S.E. Ross, J.E. Hurley, J.M Hohenadel, G.L. Stoddart, C.A. Woodward, and J. Abelson. 2002

How Can Research Organizations More Effectively Transfer Research Knowledge to Decision Makers?
Lavis, J.N., D. Robertson, J.M. Woodside, C.B. McLeod, J. Abelson, and the Knowledge Transfer Study Group. 2003

On Being a Good Listener: Setting Priorities for Applied Health Services Research
Lomas, J., N. Fulop, D. Gagnon, and P. Allen. 2003

Diffusion of Innovations in Service Organizations: Systematic Review and Recommendations
Greenhalgh, T., G. Robert, F. Macfarlane, P. Bate, and O. Kyriakidou. 2004

Translating Evidence-Based Depression Management Services to Community-Based Primary Care Practices
Kilbourne, A.M., H.C. Schulberg, E.P. Post, B.L. Rollman, B.H. Belnap, H.A. Pincus. 2004

Evidence-Based Medicine, Heterogeneity of Treatment Effects, and the Trouble with Averages
Kravitz, R.L., N. Duan, and J. Braslow. 2004

Consulting as a Strategy for Knowledge Transfer
Jacobson, N., D. Butterill, and P. Goering. 2005

Evidence into Policy and Practice? Measuring the Progress of U.S. and U.K. Policies to
Tackle Disparities and Inequalities in U.S. and U.K. Health and Health Care

Exworthy, M., A. Bindman, H. Davies, A.E. Washington. 2006

Developing an Evidence Base for Policies and Interventions to Address Health Inequalities:
The Analysis of “Public Health Regimes

Asthana, S., and J. Halliday. 2006

Knowledge Transfer and Exchange: Review and Synthesis of the Literature
Mitton, C., C.E. Adair, E. McKenzie, S.B. Patten, and B.W. Perry. 2007

Health Research Funding Agencies’ Support and Promotion of Knowledge Translation: An International Study
Tetroe, J.M., I.D. Graham, R. Foy, N. Robinson, M.P. Eccles, M. Wensing, P. Durieux, F. Légaré, C.P. Nielson,
 A. Adily, J.E. Ward, C. Porter, B. Shea, and J.M. Grimshaw. 2008

“Developing Good Taste in Evidence”: Facilitators of and Hindrances to Evidence-Informed Health Policymaking in State Government
Jewell, C.J., and L.A. Bero. 2008

Comparative Effectiveness Research and Evidence-Based Health Policy: Experience from Four Countries
Chalkidou, K., S. Tunis, R. Lopert, L. Rochaix, P.T. Sawicki, M. Nasser, and B. Xerri. 2009

Toward a Transdisciplinary Model of Evidence-Based Practice
Satterfield, J.M., B. Spring, R.C. Brownson, E.J. Mullen, R.P. Newhouse, B.B. Walker, and E.P. Whitlock. 2009

Comparative Effectiveness Research in Ontario, Canada: Producing Relevant and Timely Information for Health Care Decision Makers
Whicher, D.M., K. Chalkidou, I.A. Dhalla, L. Levin, and S. Tunis. 2009

Translating Medical Effectiveness Research into Policy: Lessons from the California Health Benefits Review Program
Coffman, J.M., M.K. Hong, W.M. Aubry, H.S. Luft, and E. Yeslin. 2009

Research and Advice Giving: A Functional View of Evidence-Informed Policy Advice in a Canadian Ministry of Health
Lomas, J., and A.D. Brown. 2009

Enhancing Policymakers’ Understanding of Disparities: Relevant Data from an Information-Rich Environment
Roos, N.P., L.L. Roos, M. Brownell, and E.L. Fuller. 2010

Knowledge Exchange Processes in Organizations and Policy Arenas: A Narrative Systematic Review of the Literature
Contandriopoulos, D., M. Lemire, J.-L. Denis, and É. Tremblay. 2010

History Matters for Understanding Knowledge Exchange
What Is The Knowledge That We Seek to "Exchange"?

Maximizing the Impact of Systematic Reviews in Health Care Decision Making: A Systematic Scoping Review of Knowledge-Translation Resources
Chambers, D., P.M. Wilson, C.A. Thompson, A. Hanbury, K. Farley, and K. Light. 2011

Systematic Reviews and Health Policy: The Influence of a Project on Perinatal Care since 1988
Fox, Daniel M. 2011


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