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[EQ] WHO Case studies on Social Determinants of Health

Case studies on social determinants of health

Background papers:
WHO - World Conference on Social Determinants of Health, 19-21 October 2011, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Available online at:

 “…..The following case studies were commissioned by WHO Regional Offices for the World Conference on Social Determinants of Health. The case studies present successful examples of policy action aiming to reduce health inequities, covering a wide range of issues, including conditional cash transfers, gender-based violence, tuberculosis programmes and maternal and child health.


The case studies were written by individual experts and are being circulated as draft background papers to inform discussions at the conference.
They represent the views of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views, policies, or decisions of WHO or the governments of the countries where the case studies are set.

•           Brazil -The Brazilian experience with conditional cash transfers: a successful way to reduce inequity and to improve health

•           United States of America How can we get the 'social determinants of health' message on the public policy and public health agenda?

•           Solomon Islands Gender-based violence in Solomon Islands: Translating research into action on the social determinants of health

•           Republic of Kiribati Measuring and responding to gender-based violence in the Pacific: Action on gender inequality as a social determinant of health

•           Viet Nam Gender-based violence in Viet Nam: Strengthening the response by measuring and acting on social determinants of health

•           Australia Health in All Policies: South Australia's country case study on action on the social determinants of health

•           WHO Western Pacific region Addressing social determinants of health through tuberculosis control programmes in Western Pacific Region

•           Malaysia Health in All Policies:
The Primary Health Care Approach in Malaysia. 50 years experience in addressing social determinants of health through Intersectoral Action for Health

•           India's country experience in addressing social exclusion in maternal and child health

•           India Effective social determinants of health approach in India through community mobilization

•           Thailand Health systems, public health programmes and social determinants of health

•           Egypt Social participation in Egypt: Civil society's former experience and new opportunities

•           Morocco Social determinants and health equity in Morocco

•           United States of America A national partnership for action to end health disparities in the United States of America

•           Australia Supporting public policy and action on the social determinants of health by providing evidence through the Social Health Atlases of Australia

•           Cambodia Gender as a social determinant of health: Gender analysis of the health sector in Cambodia

•           WHO Western Pacific region Gender mainstreaming in emerging disease surveillance and response

•           Iran School Pupil Policy Officer (Hamyare Police) - A national initiative based on social participation to improve road safety

•           Jordan National commitment to action on social determinants of health in Jordan: Addressing obesity

•           Namibia Report on country experience: A multi-sectoral response to combat the polio outbreak in Namibia

•           Rwanda Community performance-based financing in health: Incentivizing mothers and community health workers to improve maternal health outcomes

•           Uganda  Social determinants of health: Food fortification to reduce micronutrient deficiency - Strengthening the National Food Fortification Programm

•           Kenya The national deworming programme: Kenya's experience

•           Zimbabwe Intersectoral actions in response to cholera in Zimbabwe: From emergency response to institution building

•           Brazil The Green Area of Morro da Policia: Health practitioners working with communities to tackle the social determinants of health

•           Chile Steps towards the health equity agenda in Chile

•           Pakistan Heartfile Health Financing: Striving to achieve health equity in Pakistan





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