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[EQ] Annual Review of Public Health - Symposium: Comparative Approaches to Reducing Health Disparities

2012 Annual Review of Public Health (Volume 33) April 2012

Symposium: Comparative Approaches to Reducing Health Disparities

Editorial: Dedication of Volume to Barbara Starfield

Jonathan E. Fielding, Ross C. Brownson, and Lawrence W. Green.

Online at: http://bit.ly/GAUqwH

“……….This volume is dedicated to Barbara Starfield, a public health luminary who championed the critical importance of primary care as the fundamental building block for every medical care system. Barbara decried the lack of emphasis on primary care in American medicine.

She pointed out the low percentage of primary care doctors who graduated in the United States relative to other countries, despite the disproportionate contribution of primary care to the health of patients individually and collectively. This deficiency, she reasoned with strong evidence, was in large part responsible for the poorer health outcomes in the United States compared with other developed nations.

Her comparison of Canada and the United States highlighted the primary care infrastructure in the former and related that difference to both lower costs and better health outcomes in Canada. Through her seminal work disseminated via books, more than 175 published papers, and innumerable lectures, her message reached countries throughout the world. Both developing and developed nations have adopted her framework for organizing primary care and the tools to assess the health status of children and adolescents.

Trained as a pediatrician and health care researcher, Barbara was a convincing and thoughtful scholar. She was University Distinguished Service Professor at Johns Hopkins from 1994 to her death. She was also Director of the Johns Hopkins University Primary Care Research Center. Barbara was a careful researcher, carefully amassing evidence that identified key characteristics of an effective primary care system. But she was also a cherished mentor to such a great number of health service researchers.

Barbara was a productive member of our Editorial Advisory Board, which selects topics and authors to appear in the Annual Review of Public Health. She was also a valued contributor to this series in past years and was the senior author on an important article in this current volume, as well. Barbara was also the cofounder and first President of the International Society for Equity in Health, with the mission to contribute knowledge that could further equity in the distribution of health care…..”

Table of Contents at: http://bit.ly/GCsQjB

Health Disparities Research in Global Perspective: New Insights and New Directions

Shiriki Kumanyika

Health Inequalities: Trends, Progress, and Policy

Sara N. Bleich, Marian P. Jarlenski, Caryn N. Bell, and Thomas A. LaVeist

Conceptual Approaches to the Study of Health Disparities

Ana V. Diez Roux

How Society Shapes the Health Gradient: Work-Related Health Inequalities in a Comparative Perspective

Christopher B. McLeod, Peter A. Hall, Arjumand Siddiqi, and Clyde Hertzman


Disparities in Infant Mortality and Effective, Equitable Care: Are Infants Suffering from Benign Neglect?

Diane L. Rowley and Vijaya Hogan


Clinical Care and Health Disparities

B. Starfield, J. GĂ©rvas, and D. Mangin


Epidemiology and Biostatistics

A Review of Spatial Methods in Epidemiology, 2000–2010

Amy H. Auchincloss, Samson Y. Gebreab, Christina Mair, and Ana V. Diez Roux

Early Intervention to Reduce the Global Health and Economic Burden of Major Depression in Older Adults

Charles F. Reynolds III, Pim Cuijpers, Vikram Patel, Alex Cohen, Amit Dias, Neerja Chowdhary, Olivia I. Okereke, Mary Amanda Dew, Stewart J. Anderson, Sati Mazumdar, Frank Lotrich, and Steven M. Albert

Preventability of Cancer: The Relative Contributions of Biologic and Social and Physical Environmental Determinants of Cancer Mortality

Graham A. Colditz and Esther K. Wei

The Hurrider I Go the Behinder I Get: The Deteriorating International Ranking of U.S. Health Status

Stephen Bezruchka

Unintentional Injuries: Magnitude, Prevention, and Control

Sarah Stewart de Ramirez, Adnan A. Hyder, Hadley K. Herbert, and Kent Stevens

Environmental and Occupational Health

Community-Based Approaches to Controlling Childhood Asthma

Noreen M. Clark

Future Challenges to Protecting Public Health from Drinking-Water Contaminants

Eileen A. Murphy, Gloria B. Post, Brian T. Buckley, Robert L. Lippincott, and Mark G. Robson

Speed Limits, Enforcement, and Health Consequences

Rune Elvik

Toward a Systems Approach to Enteric Pathogen Transmission: From Individual Independence to Community Interdependence

Joseph N.S. Eisenberg, James Trostle, Reed J.D. Sorensen, and Katherine F. Shields

Public Health Practice


Advertising of Prescription-Only Medicines to the Public: Does Evidence of Benefit Counterbalance Harm?

Barbara Mintzes

Economic Evaluation of Pharmaco- and Behavioral Therapies for Smoking Cessation: A Critical and Systematic Review of Empirical Research

Jennifer Prah Ruger and Christina M. Lazar

Policies for Healthier Communities: Historical, Legal, and Practical Elements of the Obesity Prevention Movement

Samantha K. Graff, Manel Kappagoda, Heather M. Wooten, Angela K. McGowan, and Marice Ashe

Public Health and the Epidemic of Incarceration

Dora M. Dumont, Brad Brockmann, Samuel Dickman, Nicole Alexander, and Josiah D. Rich

Quitlines and Nicotine Replacement for Smoking Cessation: Do We Need to Change Policy?

John P. Pierce, Sharon E. Cummins, Martha M. White, Aimee Humphrey, and Karen Messer

Systems Science Methods in Public Health: Dynamics, Networks, and Agents

Douglas A. Luke and Katherine A. Stamatakis

Health Services

From Small Area Variations to Accountable Care Organizations: How Health Services Research Can Inform Policy

Harold S. Luft

Suicide Mortality in the United States: The Importance of  Attending to Method in Understanding Population-Level Disparities in the Burden of Suicide

Matthew Miller, Deborah Azrael, and Catherine Barber

The Medicalization of Chronic Disease and Costs

Kenneth E. Thorpe and Meredith Philyaw

The Methods of Comparative Effectiveness Research

Harold C. Sox and Steven N. Goodman


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