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[EQ] Healthcare Quarterly. Special Issue. Patient Safety

Healthcare Quarterly. Special Issue. Patient Safety

Healthcare Quarterly  Vol. 15 Special Issue |

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G. Ross Baker


“……Much of the focus in the past decade has been on problems identified in major national patient safety studies. But other important issues have also emerged. Pat Croskerry (2012) notes that diagnostic error has received limited attention although it is a major contributor to adverse events and malpractice litigation. Croskerry traces the source of diagnostic error to the psychology of decision-making and cognitive bias. He urges greater emphasis on diagnostic reasoning in medical education and a continuing focus on these skills in practice.

Safety is an issue outside of institutional settings too. Lynn Stevenson and her colleagues (2012) argue that home care is fundamentally different from hospital-based care and that we need to develop patient safety practices that are client- and family-centred and adaptable to the broad range of settings in which home care is delivered.

Each of these papers provides a lens through which to view a critical issue. While their coverage is not exhaustive, together they offer a perspective on our achievements and the challenges we still face. In a paper examining the strategic elements for broadening our efforts on patient safety and quality of care, I argue that we need to emphasize the business case for safety, move current initiatives to a broader scale and invest in capacity for and capability of leadership and staff to improve (Baker 2012).

The gains of the past decade have been impressive, but we need to hard-wire and extend these efforts in our current system to ensure their impact and sustainability…..”


Partners in Patient Safety

Hugh Macleod and Wendy Nicklin


Making Healthcare Safer

The Challenges of Making Care Safer: Leadership and System Transformation

G. Ross Baker


The Culture Of Patient Safety

Reporting, Learning and the Culture of Safety
W. Ward Flemons and Glenn McRae


 Teamwork And Communication

Productive Complications: Emergent Ideas in Team Communication and Patient Safety

Lorelei Lingard

 Human Factors In Patient Safety

From Discovery to Design: The Evolution of Human Factors in Healthcare

Joseph A. Cafazzo and Olivier St-Cyr

Workplace Redesign
Redesigning the Workplace for 21st Century Healthcare

Patricia O'Connor, Judith Ritchie, Susan Drouin and Christine L. Covell

Managing Healthcare-Acquired Infections
Healthcare-Associated Infections: New Initiatives and Continuing Challenges

Michael Gardam, Paige Reason and Leah Gitterman

Medication Reconciliation

Medication Reconciliation in the Hospital: What, Why, Where, When, Who and How?

Olavo Fernandes and Kaveh G. Shojania

Diagnostic Safety

Perspectives on Diagnostic Failure and Patient Safety

Pat Croskerry

Surgical Checklist

Surgical Safety Checklist: Improved Patient Safety through Effective Teamwork

Chris Hayes

Transitions Of Care

Toward Safer Transitions: How Can We Reduce Post-Discharge Adverse Events?

Irfan A. Dhalla, Tara O'Brien, Francoise Ko and Andreas Laupacis

Safety In The Community
Safety in Home Care: Thinking Outside the Hospital Box

Lynn Stevenson, Ariella Lang, Marilyn Macdonald, Jana Archer and Christina Berlanda



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