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[EQ] Non Communicable Diseases and Sustainable Development - Seminar online Rio+20

SDE Seminar Series towards Rio+20

Sustainable Development and Environmental Health – SDE - PAHO/WHO

Non Communicable Diseases and Sustainable Development

Eleventh Seminar:
18 April 2012 – Time: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm - EDT (Washington, DC USA)

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“….In the Americas, Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are the leading cause of premature death and disability.  In 2007, an estimated 4.45 million deaths occurred causing 3 out of every 4 deaths in the Americas.  The leading NCDs include cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes and chronic respiratory diseases. These diseases share common risk factors. NCDs can be prevented and controlled through changes in lifestyle, public policies and health interventions that require an intersectoral and integrated approach….”

This seminar will address NCD prevention and control in a perspective of sustainable development.  It will discuss how important it is to improve multi-sector policies through the adoption of the principles of equity and accessibility to promote the exercise of human rights.  By influencing the environment through which NCDs are allowed to perpetuate, intersectoral and integrated approaches are the only way to improve the current landscape.

There is a growing recognition that NCDs can only be successfully prevented and controlled through linkages and partnerships with sectors outside of health, notably agriculture, education, trade, development, finance, urban planning and transportation, water and sanitation, among others. Cross-sector partnerships are seen as an essential part of the solution, not only across government sectors, but with NGOs, professional associations, academia and the private sector….”


12:00  pm Welcome and introduction:  Dra Socorro Gross, Assistant Director, PAHO/WHO.

12:10  pm Sustainable development and NCDs by Sir George Alleyne, Former PAHO/WHO Director

12:35  pm Comments: Dr. Karen Sealey, Senior Advisor, WHO-PAHO UN office, New York

12:50  pm Questions and Answers - Moderator - Agnes Soares

  1:00  pm Closure

How to participate:

In person:


525 23rd ST NW

Washington DC, 20037 Room C – 12h to 13h Eastern Time (WDC)

Online: via Elluminate link:

- Spanish room:

- English room

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The SDE Seminar series will happen every Wednesday from 12 to 1pm (EDT), from February 8 to June 13th.

All Seminars will be live streamed, and open for participation in person at the PAHO/WHO headquarters, or via Elluminate.

For those who cannot follow the live seminar, we will have it available later at PAHO Rio+20 Toolkit at:

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