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[EQ] Research and Development to Meet Health Needs in Developing Countries

Research and Development to Meet Health Needs in Developing Countries:
Strengthening Global Financing-Coordination 

WHO - Report of the Consultative Expert Working Group –EWG – on:
Research and Development: Financing and Coordination

Available online PDF file [226p.] at: 

5 April 2012 | Geneva – “…..New sources of funding are needed to stimulate health research specifically for diseases that affect people in developing countries, according to a report published today by an international expert group convened by WHO.

The Consultative Expert Working Group on Research and Development: Financing and Coordination (CEWG) has called for increased global commitment to funding and coordinating health research to meet the specific needs of developing countries. The group proposes a package of changes that includes utilizing open knowledge innovation and prizes as incentives, mandatory government commitments, pooling of funding and an international binding convention on global health research.

Recommendations to improve global financing

·         Research outputs that address health needs of developing countries should be in the public domain or made available through open licensing.

·         Patent pools should be used to increase sharing of research results.

·         Pooled funding mechanisms should coordinate financial resources and some of the funds should be used for capacity building in developing countries including direct grants to companies that can help promote technology transfer.

·         WHO should play a central coordinating role in global health research.

·         Increased funding is needed from governments and philanthropic sources in the light of market failures of private investments.

·         All countries should commit to spend at least 0.01% of gross domestic product on research to develop health technologies for use in developing countries.

Discussion on the recommendations will take place at the 65th World Health Assembly (WHA) in May 2012….”



Executive summary . 

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Setting the scene: the issues

The need for actio

Trends in R&D in the pharmaceutical industry

Research and development relevant to developing countries

Expenditure Estimates and Sources of Funding
Research Outcomes

Research and development and access .

Research and development financing

Research and development coordination

Chapter 3: Review of proposals

Chapter 4: Strengthening global financing of health research and development
Chapter 5: Strengthening global coordination in health research and development
Chapter 6: Implementation: a binding instrument

Annex 1: Inception report

Annex 2: Mapping of EWG and CEWG processes

The EWG‘s grouping of R&D financing and coordination proposals

The first step: creation of an inventory of 109 proposals

The second step: from 109 proposals to 91 proposals

The third step: from 91 to 22 grouped proposals

CEWG grouping of R&D financing and coordination proposals

The inventory of R&D financing and coordination proposals considered by CEWG

The new landscape of proposals: 15 assessments and chapters on financing and coordination

Annex 3: Assessments of proposals .  .

Global Framework on Research and Development .  .

Removal of data exclusivity .  .

Direct grants to companies

Green intellectual property

Health Impact Fund

Orphan drug legislation

Patent pools

Pooled funds

Open approaches to research and development and innovation

Milestone prizes and end prizes

Purchase or procurement agreements

Priority review voucher

Regulatory harmonization

Tax breaks for companies

Transferable intellectual property rights

ANNEX 4: Regional consultation meetings



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