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[EQ] The Science of Research on Racial/Ethnic Discrimination and Health

The Science of Research on Racial/Ethnic Discrimination and Health

The National Cancer Institute's Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences

Supplement to the American Journal of Public Health
(May 2012; 102(5):930-1034)


“…..The theme issue aims to highlight the need for and state of empirical research on racial/ethnic discrimination and its association with the health and health care received by racial/ethnic minority populations.


The issue's themed section opens with an article that reviews current measures, research approaches, data resources, and results of research on race/ethnicity-based health care discrimination.


This theme issue illustrates the state of the field, describes current methodology, identifies research gaps and suggests areas that should be considered for future research. The issue will serve as a valuable resource for researchers in this topic area and will help position researchers, policy makers, and professionals at all levels of health care to address the effects of discrimination in the evolving health care environment….”

The full text of each article is available free of charge at the link above


•Research on Race/Ethnicity and Health Care Discrimination: Where We Are and Where We Need to Go (editorial)

•The Lived Experience of Race and Its Health Consequences

•Methods for the Scientific Study of Discrimination and Health: An Ecosocial Approach

•Under the Radar: How Unexamined Biases in Decision-Making Processes in Clinical Interactions Can Contribute to Health Care Disparities

•The State of Research on Racial/Ethnic Discrimination in The Receipt of Health Care

•A Life Course Perspective on How Racism May Be Related to Health Inequities

•Research on Discrimination and Health: An Exploratory Study of Unresolved Conceptual and Measurement Issues

•The Associations of Clinicians' Implicit Attitudes About Race With Medical Visit Communication and Patient Ratings of Interpersonal Care

•The Influence of Implicit Bias on Treatment Recommendations for 4 Common Pediatric Conditions: Pain, Urinary Tract Infection, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and Asthma

•Implicit Stereotyping and Medical Decisions: Unconscious Stereotype Activation in Practitioners' Thoughts About African Americans

•An Experimental Investigation of Possible Memory Biases Affecting Support for Racial Health Care Policy

•Perceived Discrimination and Longitudinal Increases in Adolescent Substance Use: Gender Differences and Mediational Pathways

•Self-Reported Experience of Racial Discrimination and Health Care Use in New Zealand: Results From the 2006/07 New Zealand Health Survey

•Discrimination and the Stress Response: Psychological and Physiological Consequences of Anticipating Prejudice in Interethnic Interactions


•Experiences and Perceptions of Medical Discrimination Among a Multiethnic Sample of Breast Cancer Patients in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, California




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