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[EQ] Comparing health policy agendas across eleven high income countries: Islands of difference in a sea of similarity

Comparing health policy agendas across eleven high income countries:
Islands of difference in a sea of similarity

Tim Tenbensel, Samantha Eagle, Toni Ashton

School of Population Health, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Health Policy (2012)




“………Does the way in which health systems are financed influence whether health policymakers are more or less interested in accessible and equitable health services?
Are social democratic governments more interested in primary health care reform than conservative governments?

Have particular domains of health policy really become more important over the past decade across a range of countries?

In this exploratory article, we investigate the similarities and differences in patterns of attention in health policy in eleven high income countries using data from the Health Policy Monitor database from 2003 to 2010.
Our study suggests significant ‘islands of difference’ in an overall ‘sea of similarity’ between the health policy agendas of the selected countries.


The key findings are:
(i) that improving population health outcomes is more likely to be on the agenda under tax-based systems and when centre-left parties are dominant in government;
(ii) health systems funded through social insurance are more preoccupied with efficiency and cost-containment than tax-funded systems;
(iii) the political complexion of governments is not a major factor shaping health policy agendas; and
(iv) since 2003 there has been an increasing interest in initiatives that address public health concerns, access and equity, and population health outcomes…..”




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