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[EQ] Global Sustainable Development and Environmental Health - online seminar May 9,2012

XIV SDE Seminar Series towards Rio+20  

Sustainable Development and Environmental Health – SDE - PAHO/WHO


Global Sustainable Development and Environmental Health:
A conversation around the 2012 Rio+20 United Conference

9 May 2012Time: 11:00 am - 1:00 pm - EDT (Washington, DC USA)

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(In English with simultaneous translation to Spanish)

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“………….Sustainable paths have the potential to bring enormous public health benefits. A recent series of studies in the Lancet concluded, for example, that appropriate climate mitigation strategies had the potential for mostly beneficial, independent effects on health, but noted that the potential value of these health co-benefits had not “been given sufficient prominence in international negotiations”

 The significant benefits to human health that sustainable development offers, however, are often not quantified. A shared agreement on how best to quantify human health measures would allow countries to both monitor health impacts of development and to add human health to their sustainable development agenda.

This consideration is crucial as the population of the planet passes seven billion on its way to nine billion by 2050. The paths towards poverty and hunger eradication and the provision of clean water, adequate energy, and safe shelter must be increasingly steered towards environmental and social sustainability—the crucial pieces of sustainable development. Further, rapid urbanization and technological development bring the risk of adverse unintended consequences, which can have significant impacts on human health such as heightened levels of environmental exposures and non-communicable disease burdens.

To inform the discussion at the upcoming Rio+20 United Nations World Conference, this 2-hour webcast event will focus on the critical role health plays in sustainable development. Through presentations and discussions, it is expected that participants and viewers will: gain a better understanding of the impact of health on economic growth, discuss appropriate health-related indicators and goals of sustainable development, and identify how to incorporate health into decisions that will be made at the 2012 Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development…….

The health benefits of tackling climate change The Lancet:


11:00 am      Opening: Luiz Augusto Galvão (moderator)
Area Manager, Sustainable Development and Environmental Health, Pan American Health Organization

11:05 am      Overview of How Health Contributes to Advances in Sustainable Development and Economic Growth
Maria Neira, Director, Public Health and Environment, World Health Organization

11:25 am      There is an Investment in Health also an Investment in Development?
Akiko Maeda, Sector Manager, Health, Nutrition and Population, World Bank

11:45 pm      Discussion (participants are encouraged to use the chat panel to send comments)

12:10pm       Tracking Health-Related Goals and Indicators for Sustainable Development
 John M. Balbus, Senior Advisor for Public Health, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

12:25 pm      Discussion (participants are encouraged to use the chat panel to send comments)

12:50 pm      Visionary Piece and Wrap-up
Frank Loy, U.S. Representative to the 66th Session of the United Nations General Assembly

1:00 pm ADJOURN

How to participate

In person: This event is free and open to the public
525 23rd ST NW
Washington DC, 20037 Room 1017 – 12h to 13h Eastern Time (WDC)

Online: via Elluminate link:

- Spanish room: 

- English room

SDE Seminar Series towards Rio+20

The SDE Seminar series will happen every Wednesday from February 8 to June 13th.

All Seminars will be live streamed, and open for participation in person at the PAHO/WHO headquarters, or via Elluminate. Some of the Seminars will be in English, others in Spanish. 

For those who cannot follow the live seminar, we will have it available later at PAHO Rio+20 Toolkit at:

Sustainable Development Indicators
No.13  Health at the heart of Sustainable Development Indicators


Economic – social aspects Non Communicable Diseases

No.12  Economic and social aspects of Non Communicable Diseases NCDs

Non Communicable Diseases 

No.11 Non Communicable Diseases and Sustainable Development

Workers health

No.10 Green Economy /Green Jobs: Health Risks & Benefits

            Regional Experiences

No. 9 The Voice and Experience of the Caribbean Islands towards SD

            Road Safety  

No.  8 Road Safety and Public Transportation towards Sustainable Development:
an agenda for health for Rio+20


No. 7 Globalization and Health Equity towards Sustainable Development

            Civil Society

No. 6 The Voices of Civil Society - Creating the Healthy Future

Working Environments
No. 5 Employment and working conditions for Sustainable Development

            The Environment

No. 4 Amazon Region: Environment and Health in the Context of Sustainable Development

            Climate Change

No. 3 Climate Change and health in the context of Rio+20


No. 2 Water and Sanitation

            Sustainable Development

No. 1 Public Health Challenges


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