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[EQ] Tomorrow Professors Peka Puska - Ilona Kickbusch: Health Promotion SDOH and Sustainable Development: Reflections towards Rio +20 - Online seminar May 30, 2012

XVII SDE Seminar Series towards Rio+20
Sustainable Development and Environmental Health – SDE - PAHO/WHO

Health Promotion, Social Determinants, and Sustainable Development:
Reflections towards Rio +20

Wednesday May 30, 2012 - In English with simultaneous translation to Spanish

Time: 12:00 am - 1:30 pm - EDT (Washington, DC USA) To check your time zone, see the World Clock

Website PAHO/WHO Rio+20 at:  http://bit.ly/oxoRdS

“………The process of participation and community empowerment. Health Promotion, starting with the analysis of social determinants, plays a key role in fulfilling the agreements reached at the Global Conference on Sustainable Development. Healthy settings determine the formation of healthy habits and environmental stewardship, not only at the individual level but also collectively. Furthermore, the development of public policies that transcend governmental administrations is key to the sustainability of decisions aimed at strengthening national public health actions.

 The Rio +20 Conference provides an opportunity to assess the relationship between health and sustainable development. Supported by a more holistic perception of health in all sectors, this seminar will introduce discussion on the role of promoting social determinants-based health care within the framework of sustainable development.

The proposal is to explore the intersection between the Rio +20 Conference and the Eighth Global Conference on Health Promotion, for the purpose of securing political commitment to sustainable development that gives individuals and communities greater influence over decisions that affect their lives and environment in order to improve their health.

For this reason, we have invited Professor Pekka Puska, considered the Father of Health Promotion, and currently Director General of the National Institute of Health and Welfare of Finland (THL) and Chairman of the Scientific Committee in charge of preparing the World Conference on Health Promotion in Helsinki, set for June 2013, to share with us the core themes of the Global Conference and the concept of Health in All policies.

 We have also invited Professor Dr. Ilona Kickbusch, Director of the Global Health Program, Graduate Institute of International Studies and Development (IHEID), Chairman of Global Health Europe, and a member of the scientific committee of the Global Conference on Health Promotion. For many years, Dr. Kickbusch has worked on health promotion from the social determinants perspective and will reflect on the relationship between health promotion, social determinants, and sustainable development…..”  Sofialeticia Morales, SDE


12:00    Introduction:
Sofialeticia Morales
, Moderator
Senior Adviser and Team Coordinator for Health Promotion and Social Determinants of Health PAHO / WHO

12:05    Sustainable Development and Health Promotion
 - Towards the Eighth World Conference on Health Promotion in Helsinki

Professor Peka Puska, Director General, National Institute of Health and Welfare of Finland (THL), and Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the VIII World Conference on Health Promotion. He was Director General of Public Health (KTL) and Director for the Prevention of Communicable Diseases of WHO.

12:20    Health Promotion, Social Determinants, and Sustainable Development

Professor Ilona Kickbusch Director of Global Health Program, Graduate Institute of International Studies and Development (IHEID) and Chairman, Global Health Europe is also a member of the Scientific Committee on the Preparation of the Eighth Global Conference on Health Promotion

12:40    Comments from the Moderator

12:45    Debate: Questions and Comments from participants

13:00    Closing Comments  

How to participate

In person:
525 23rd ST NW
Washington DC, 20037
Room B – 12h to 13:30h Eastern Time (WDC)

Online: via Elluminate link:

- Spanish room: www.paho.org/virtual/SeminariosSDE 

- English room www.paho.org/virtual/SDESeminars

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Joint Publication of the World Health Organization the World Heart Federation Organization
editors: Shanthi Mendis, Pekka Puska and Bo Norrving
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Healthy Societies: Addressing 21st Century Health Challenges
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Suggested readings:

WHO – Social Determinants of Health - website: http://bit.ly/mOELYR

VIII Global Health Promotion Conference – Helsinki (June 2013) website: http://bit.ly/LnHJCv

Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion (1986): http://bit.ly/LnHMyj
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SDE Seminar Series towards Rio+20

For those who cannot follow the live seminar, we will have it available later at PAHO Rio+20 Toolkit at: http://bit.ly/oxoRdS

Air Pollution

No.16  Air Pollution


Food Security

No 15 Food Security

Global Sustainable Development
No.14 Global Sustainable Development and Environmental Health- Joint Discussion with the US Institute of Medicine

Sustainable Development Indicators
No.13  Health at the heart of Sustainable Development Indicators



Economic – social aspects Non Communicable Diseases

No.12  Economic and social aspects of Non Communicable Diseases NCDs


Non Communicable Diseases 

No.11 Non Communicable Diseases and Sustainable Development


Workers health

No.10 Green Economy /Green Jobs: Health Risks & Benefits

Regional Experiences

No. 9 The Voice and Experience of the Caribbean Islands towards SD

Road Safety  

No.  8 Road Safety and Public Transportation towards Sustainable Development:
an agenda for health for Rio+20


No. 7 Globalization and Health Equity towards Sustainable Development

Civil Society

No. 6 The Voices of Civil Society - Creating the Healthy Future

Working Environments
No. 5 Employment and working conditions for Sustainable Development

The Environment

No. 4 Amazon Region: Environment and Health in the Context of Sustainable Development

Climate Change

No. 3 Climate Change and health in the context of Rio+20


No. 2 Water and Sanitation

Sustainable Development

No. 1 Public Health Challenges


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