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[EQ] Intersectoral Governance for Health in All Policies - Structures, actions and experiences

Intersectoral Governance for Health in All Policies
Structures, actions and experiences

Edited by

David V. McQueen, Matthias Wismar, Vivian Lin, Catherine M. Jones, Maggie Davies

World Health Organization 2012, on behalf of the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies

Available online PDF [221p.] at: http://bit.ly/Qjs4Il

“…..The recent Rio Political Declaration on Social Determinants of Health (WHO, 2011), adopted during the World Conference on Social Determinants of Health in October 2011, continues to highlight the importance of the work of global institutions to address HiAP, social determinants of health and governance. This book in particular echoes and supports themes of the upcoming WHO health policy for Europe, the European Health 2020 policy framework, underscoring the importance of SDoH, HiAP and intersectoral governance (WHO Regional Office for Europe, 2012). These policy developments set the background for the issues to be addressed in this book.

This Introduction places the collective effort in this book into the context of the integration of three major concepts, SDoH, HiAP and governance, which together make this work unique. The integration of these three concepts stemmed from initial editorial discussions on the conceptual aspects of HiAP and emphasized how the SDoH and HiAP ideas help explain the role of governance in health.

Any insight into the relationships between and among the three core concepts would require a considerable narrative to illustrate each concept and their interrelationships. That is why we ultimately chose to see intersectorality as a mechanism or action component operating in the three concepts. Governance is the verb concept among the three and takes us to a concept that manipulates the other two.

However, many of the published explanations of the concept of governance were passive or structural rather than active: that is, they generally described what agencies/government bodies were making decisions on governance rather than how the agencies were making those decisions.

This book is concerned with both structures, such as committees or institutional structures, and agency, in the sense of actors and their actions….”



Part I Policy Issues and Research Results

Chapter 1 Introduction: Health in All Policies, the social determinants of health and governance

Chapter 2 Synthesizing the evidence: how governance structures can trigger governance actions to support Health in All Policies

Part II Analysing Intersectoral Governance for HiAP

Government and parliament

Chapter 3 Cabinet committees and cabinet secretariats

Chapter 4 The role of parliaments: the case of a parliamentary scrutiny

Bureaucracy and administration

Chapter 5 Interdepartmental units and committees

Chapter 6 Mergers and mega-ministries

Managing funding arrangements

Chapter 7 Joint budgeting: can it facilitate intersectoral action?

Chapter 8 Delegated financing

Engagement beyond government

Chapter 9 Involving the public to facilitate or trigger governance actions contributing to HiAP

Chapter 10 Collaborative governance: the example of health conferences

Chapter 11 Industry engagement



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