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[EQ] ECOHEALTH Research in Practice - Innovative Applications of an Ecosystem Approach to Health

ECOHEALTH Research in Practice
Innovative Applications of an Ecosystem Approach to Health

Dominique F. Charron, Editor
International Development Research Centre, 2012
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Available online as PDF file [305p.] at:

“….The ultimate objective of ecohealth research and practice is to develop environmentally sustainable, community-based interventions to improve the health of affected communities. Much success has resulted from the incorporation of community transformation and empowerment as key project objectives. In some cases, the participation of government health services has guided the design of interventions suitable for adoption by health programs. However, besides the relatively successful examples of six projects (in Ecuador, Cuba, Guatemala, Mexico, Nepal, and Tanzania) presented in this book, project outcomes often have limited direct influence on transforming health programs and even more limited influence on health policy.

In this book, the inclusion of projects with variable influence on health policy offers the opportunity to examine both the suitability and scope of the proposed interventions and the nature of the external factors that influence their adoption by health services….”



1 Ecohealth: Origins and Approach

Part I Linking Human Health and Well-Being to Changing Rural Agro-Ecosystems

2 Introduction

3 Growing Healthy Communities: Farmer Participatory Research to Improve Child Nutrition, Food Security, and Soils in Ekwendeni, Malawi

4 Tackling Challenges to Farmers’ Health and Agro-Ecosystem Sustainability in Highland Ecuador

5 Coping with Environmental and Health Impacts in a Floricultural Region of Ecuador

6 Dietary Diversity in Lebanon and Yemen: A Tale of Two Countries

Part II Natural Resources, Ecosystems, Pollution, and Health

7 Introduction

8 An Ecosystem Study of Manganese Mining in Molango, Mexico

9 Ecohealth Research for Mitigating Health Risks of Stone Crushing and Quarrying, India

10 A Virtuous Cycle in the Amazon: Reducing Mercury Exposure from Fish Consumption Requires Sustainable Agriculture

11 Impacts on Environmental Health of Small-Scale Gold Mining in Ecuador


Part III Poverty, Ecosystems, and Vector-Borne Diseases

12 Introduction

13 Malaria Research and Management Need Rethinking: Uganda and Tanzania Case Studies
14 An Ecosystem Approach for the Prevention of Chagas Disease in Rural Guatemala

15 Preventing Dengue at the Local Level in Havana City

16 Eco-Bio-Social Research on Dengue in Asia: General Principles and a Case Study from Indonesia


Part IV Building Community Health into City Living

17 Introduction

18 Rebuilding Urban Ecosystems for Better Community

19 Understanding Water, Understanding Health: The Case of Bebnine, Lebanon

20 Water, Wastes, and Children’s Health in Low-Income Neighbourhoods of Yaoundé

Part V Building a New Field

21 Better Together: Field-Building Networks at the Frontiers of Ecohealth Research

22 Ecohealth Research in Practice


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